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by BBC Radio 4

The House That Vanished – Episode 2: The Real King of Tory


A compelling five-part mystery based on the true story of one man’s search for justice on a remote Irish island, blending documentary and drama.

Episode 2: The Real King of Tory

Neville sets off on a journey around Ireland in search of clues, but the shock of discovering his house has vanished begins to affect his health. Feeling like he’s trapped in a nightmare, Neville recalls the peace and tranquility he first found on Tory – and a film he made years before seems to offer a strange prophecy about what may have happened to his house.

The House that Vanished features documentary interviews with key people involved in Neville’s astonishing story alongside dramatised scenes written by Jan Carson.

Presented by Siobhán McSweeney


Neville ... Tony Flynn
Fiona ... Fo Cullen
Patrick Doohan ... Seán T. Ó Meallaigh
Council worker ... Carol Moore
Guard ... Faolán Morgan
Sean ... Michael Patrick
Tourism Woman ... Megan Armitage
Engineer ... Desmond Eastwood

Written by Jan Carson
Produced by Conor McKay and Michael Shannon
Executive editor: Andy Martin

A BBC Northern Ireland Production for Radio 4



by BBC Radio 4