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Limitless: A Sales and Marketing Podcast

Ep 56: The Art of Effective Prospecting (with Jon Fedor, Account Executive at SaaS Tech)


Hey Limitless Listener,

We are back with another weekly episode of the Limitless podcast with a ton of insights in sales and marketing.

In this episode, our Limitless hosts Vivek Siva and Sanjana Murali engage in an in-depth conversation with talented SaaS sales enthusiast Jon Fedor, Account Executive at SaaS Tech.

Tune in now for...

• How to figure out the areas of better engagement
• Spray and Pray: The sure way for failure in prospecting
• Importance of having essential sales tools at your disposal
• What is the ideal channel to get responses from the C-Suit?
• Make them believe to gain trust - Why it is important in the process of selling?

Along with Jon, we have interviewed 18 sales thought leaders.

Now, you can get all the insights of all these interviews in the e-book.

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Episode 56

by Hippo Video