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Lisbon Live

11: Surma


Lisbon Live Episode 11 is here! I had the pleasure of chatting to Débora Umbelino, known as Surma, a Portuguese one-woman band who surrounds herself with a plethora of instruments including guitar, keyboard, synthesizer, drum machine and loop pedal. Over the last couple of years she has played over 200 shows in over 16 different cities around the world, including the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, where was selected by NPR as one the best discoveries of 2018. Listen in to discover more about Surma, what inspired the songs behind her first record "Antwerpen", and an exclusive live performance of 3 special stripped-down "acoustic" versions of her songs including a new track coming out on her forthcoming EP! If you enjoy listening to Lisbon Live please feel free to follow/subscribe to the podcast us, as well as leave a like or a comment. Thank you! :) Instagram links: https://www.instagram.com/lisbon_live/ https://www.instagram.com/surmaee/



by Lisbon Live