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Episode 1 - Sofar Sounds Lisbon Special feat. its founders, Tiago Saga and Sease


It’s here! Lisbon Live’s first ever podcast! Listen in for exclusive interviews and specially selected tracks from the latest up & coming artists with Sofar Sounds Lisbon Founders Inês Pires and João Alvarez, singer songwriter Tiago Saga, and electro-pop trio Sease. Breakdown of episode: Interview with Inês Pires and João Alvarez 10:29 - Track: Vaarwell "Stay" 13:36 - Final part of interview with Inês Pires and João Alvarez 15:08 - Track: Port do soul "Tuk Tuk" 19:19 - Interview with Tiago Saga 31:18 - Track: Tiago Saga "Rescue Plane" 34:46 - Interview with Miguel, Rita & Gonçalo from Sease 43:54 - Track: Sease "Onda"



by Lisbon Live