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Episode 2 - The Fur and Filho da Mãe


Check out the 2nd episode of the Lisbon Live podcast as I caught up with Taiwanese dream-pop band The Fur over the phone ahead of their highly anticipated shows in Portugal on 28th and 29th of May in Lisbon and Porto respectively. I also had the privilege of meeting Rui Carvalho, otherwise known as Filho da Mãe, in his studio in Lisbon, who played 2 new exclusive tracks and spoke in depth about the making of his new album ‘Água-Má’. Breakdown of episode: 00:00 - Introduction 00:30 – Track: The Fur “We Can Dance” 03:50 – Phone interview with The Fur 18:36 – Track: Filho da Mãe “Nem chuva nem cães” 22:44 – Interview with Filho da Mãe – Part 1 36:46 – Track: Filho da Mãe “Os meus ombros chumbaram a geografia” 40:21 – Interview with Filho da Mãe – Part 2



by Lisbon Live