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Episode 6 - Frank Turner


On March 9th 2019 Frank Turner came to Portugal for the first time ever to play two shows in Lisbon and Porto respectively. Lisbon Live had the privilege of chatting to the 'folk punk' singer before his set at Music Box in Lisbon. Listen in as we chat about why he left it so long to play in Portugal, his thoughts about playing live on the road after 20 years, what led him to write his upcoming book 'Try this at home', and in a Lisbon Live world exclusive Frank reveals more juicy details about his 8th studio album coming out this year! If you liked this episode please click on subscribe/follow to show your support and ensure you never miss any future episodes of Lisbon Live with the most exciting artists coming out of and visiting the city. Tracks: "Don't Worry" by Frank Turner "Get Better" by Frank Turner



by Lisbon Live