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Episode 9 - Mini Mansions


On July 24th 2019 Lisbon Live chatted to Michael Shuman, lead singer and guitarist of LA rock outfit Mini Mansions, before they opened for Muse in Lisbon, Portugal. Michael is also the bassist in Queens of the Stone Age. Listen in to discover how the band formed, what their new record 'Guy Walks into a Bar...' is like, what rescued them from almost splitting up, and what it is like opening for one of the biggest rock bands in the world, Muse, on their global tour. Tracks: 1. "Works Every Time" by Mini Mansions 2. "I'm In Love" by Mini Mansions Click the subscribe button to be connected to all future episodes of Lisbon Live, where we interview the newest and most exciting artists to be playing in and beyond Lisbon! Thank you for listening!



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