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by Katrina Scott
Live Beautifully with Katrina Scott

From Nasty Gal to Soft Sophia | A Candid Convo with Sophia Amoruso on New Beginnings


How our millennial girlboss became a softer business class leader. 

I always looked up to Sophia Amoruso, but I never knew the hardship she was facing behind the scenes... I mean, how could any of us know? We were all watching from the outside seeing the Forbes Magazine cover, Martha Stewart Wedding, and Netflix Series.  When everything was on the line and mega-millions was to be made off of her first born... Nasty Gal, everything came crashing down. Following bankruptcy and divorce, Sophia decided to start a new chapter with an open heart and an open mind.

Next, she successfully built Girlboss, a community for women looking to elevate their careers and connect with other female entrepreneurs. After recently parting ways with Girlboss, she decided to take a step back and re-evaluate the life she wanted to create for herself. It was time to build a new fulfilling venture around the lifestyle she wanted to live at home.

Farewell edgy CEO... and hello healthy life, family, and mentorship.

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Episode 4

by Katrina Scott