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by Katrina Scott
Live Beautifully with Katrina Scott

How to Discover Your Identity Outside of Work and Motherhood with Shanicia Boswell


Today's Episode is with Shanicia Boswell, founder, CEO, author, and mother. 

Check out the entire post including our shownotes at http://livebeautifully.com/how-to-discover-your-identity-outside-of-work-and-motherhood-with-shanicia-boswell

Shanicia founded one of the very first platforms that speaks on parenting, culture, and lifestyle from a Black mom's point of view called, Black Moms Blog. It's not just for Black women either... it's for everyone. I read her blog, because it gives me perspective, appreciation, and more understanding.

She’s also an author of three books; 'My Piece Of The Pie', a collection of stories from Black women entrepreneurs. 'Oh sis, you’re Pregnant', the ultimate guide to Black pregnancy and motherhood.  And ‘Sunshine Honey’, a book that she wrong alongside her daughter Kamryn that teaches children positive affirmations.

Shanicia also wrote this great post on healthy co-parenting - https://blackmomsblog.com/peaceful-co-parenting-is-it-possible/

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Episode 7

by Katrina Scott