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Family matters with KO


Capitec — In this second episode of the ‘Live Better’ with Nicolette Mashile powered by Capitec Bank podcast we take a deep dive into the complexities of family and finances. Nicolette chats to South African rapper, KO, about his journey to better understanding the impact that family responsibilities and expectations may have on our finances. Nicolette and KO are joined by Aphiwe, an intern at one of South Africa’s leading PR agencies. We look at some tough questions like how our families influence our view of money and our spending priorities? Are we even talking about money at home or is that a taboo subject? How do you handle family expectations and what kind of conversations do you need to be having? In our quest for understanding our finances better, we really do need to take a look at our own environments and how they impact the way we think about and manage money. You really can live better today to create a better future. If you’d like to take active steps towards a better future, sign up for the free Capitec Live Better Academy by following this link https://www.livebetteracademy.com/ This podcast is hosted by Nicolette Mashile, produced by The Stellar Effect and powered by Capitec Bank. Live Better Podcast Episode 2 - Family matters with KO (Transcript).pdf — PDF (137.0 KB)


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