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Intergenerational money matters with Maya Fischer-French


Capitec — Following on from the insightful conversation with South African rapper, KO in episode 2 of the ‘Live Better’ with Nicolette Mashile powered by Capitec Bank podcast we continue on our discovery of how our mindsets about finances are informed by our life experiences. In this episode Nicolette speaks with financial expert Maya Fisher- French about how her mindset about all things finance was formed through her early experiences and what she is aiming to teach her children and others about managing money well. They are joined by Zuhaa Jacobs, a Gen Z senior account executive from Cape Town. How did you grow up? What were you taught about being financially successful? How do your mindsets differ or emulate those of the generation that came before you? What about your children? How do the different generations think about and behave financially and what impacts these choices? Most people would agree that they want to leave the next generation better off than they have been. How does this become a reality? You really can live better today to create a better future. If you’d like to take active steps towards a better future, sign up for the free Capitec Live Better Academy by following this link https://www.livebetteracademy.com/ This podcast is hosted by Nicolette Mashile, produced by The Stellar Effect and powered by Capitec Bank. Live Better Podcast with Nicolette Mashile Episode 3- Intergenerational money matters (transcript)_.pdf — PDF (156.5 KB)


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