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by A Podcast about Airbnb Life and the Shareconomy
Live Let Thrive (airbnb life, shareconomy, real estate, innovation)

Ep 175: Cash-flow, STR management, Finding Great Cleaners w/ Federico Zimerman!


Friend of the show and STR Manager Extraordinair Federico Zimerman Hops on the podcast to talk shop. We talk the ups and downs of STR management, finding cleaners, dealing with clients, hosts and guests. Finding properties to STR and sooooo much more. It's a Friday ep so you know what that means, LIVE LET THRIVE Y'ALL!!! TEXT STEVE TO SAY HI! 817-566-4777 Steve's Airbnb/STR Management Company: WWW.ARGESTRENTALS.COM Myka's Info: FB: www.facebook.com/myka.a.artis IG: @sharebednbreakfast IG: @mykaartis Airbnb listings: www.sharebnb.com Myka's Consulting: 1-on-1 Consulting - Clarity.fm/sharebnb Timeshare Course - gum.co/qErMd Become An Airbnb Host - www.airbnb.com/r/mykaa5?s=6&t... Sign up for Minut – Use promo code MYKAA Sign up for Stayfi - stayfi.com?lmref=xSakAg Get $65 off your next Airbnb trip - www.airbnb.com/c/mykaa5?refer... Sign up for Pricelabs - Referral Code - NpgYJI Holler at Steve and Myka! www.liveletthrive.com liveletthrive@gmail.com 469-530-0239 (KEEP THE QUESTIONS COMING!) IG: @liveletthrive FB: www.facebook.com/LiveLetThrive/ Join our Fan Group: www.facebook.com/groups/18642... Mahogany Fitt's info: www.facebook.com/Mahoganyfitt/



by A Podcast about Airbnb Life and the Shareconomy