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by Amy Nhan
Live Life Well: The Podcast

19 - Intellectual Wellness with Doug Thompson


After an unexpected break, Amy is back with an interview with Doug Thompson, a passionate storyteller and TEDx speaker.  Doug can usually be found sharing his passion for storytelling in his LinkedIn videos and his Tech Story podcast.  His passion is coaching and mentoring other technology professions on how to stop “techsplaining” and start storytelling.  He believes that everyone has a story, and it is just a matter of unlocking it from the grips of the subconscious mind.

Currently Doug is an AI Ambassador and Technology Strategist Director for the Education team at Microsoft where he leverages his 30+ years in tech sales to help his customers transform the student expereince to empower teachers and students of today create the world of tomorrow.

Doug and his wife, of more than 37 years, enjoy spending time with their two children and 7 grandchildren and 2 rescue dogs whenever possible.  He is also a retired triathlete and is a 2-time Ironman Triathlon finisher.

In this episode, Doug shares about his “scale of 10” in decision making, the power of networking and reflection, all with a sense of humour. While this interview sits within the “intellectual wellness” segment of our "6 dimensions of wellness" series, Doug shares many other nuggets of wisdom on how to thrive and not just survive. We know you will enjoy this chat.

You can connect further with Doug on LinkedIn and the link to his TedTalk and his own podcast is below:

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