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by VK Lakkineni

Live2Inspire S2E8: Sussi Mattson, International Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Creator of the From Me to You™ Movement


Get ready for an all new episode of Live2Inspire with special guest, Sussi Mattsson.

Sussi Mattsson is innovative, walks her talk, and she is not afraid to push the envelope. She takes great pride in remaining innovative and on the cutting edge. Sussi has a genuine belief in people and their inherent power to release their full potential. With her warmth, compassion, commitment, sincerity and respect for each client, she is instrumental in developing successful World Class Leaders.

Sussi is a real-life example of someone who has created success and overcome all odds and astounding adversity to live a life of authenticity with no regrets. Drawing on her challenges and unique life experiences, she has made it her mission to be a voice of inspiration for everyone who wants to live a life of significance and success.

As a child, Sussi grew up very poor in a small industrial town in Sweden. She has a remarkable childhood story of living with an abusive father who attempted to sell her abroad at the age of eight, just six months after she had lost her mother to cancer. To save herself from being sold, she ran away from home…at only eight years of age.

She transformed herself into a popular and trusted international coach, business advisor, thought leader and speaker.

Sussi’s extensive speaking and coaching experience spans more than two decades and she has delivered more than 2000 presentations to corporations, schools, associations, and business groups around the world.

She offers VIP Retreats in addition to having exclusive coaching agreements with a select number of private coaching clients.

.Sussi Mattsson is a remarkable thought leader and is the Founder & Creator of the
Wounds To Wisdom The From Me To You Movement

To read more about the movement, visit: http://sussimattsson.com/the-from-me-to-you-movement/


Episode 8

by VK Lakkineni