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by Christine Laskodi
Long Live the Hart: A Hart of Dixie Podcast

Episode 57: How to Watch All of Hart of Dixie in TEN Episodes


Y'all, the day we never imagined is here...

Hart of Dixie is leaving Netflix on 12/15!

While this doesn't change THIS podcast, it DOES change that we can't just turn it on and binge it at any time. So while the obvious answer is "What the entire show a million times before it's gone!" you may not have the time to do that!

So I've compiled TEN episodes that are MUST WATCHES. If you only have TEN episodes to watch to tell the entire story of Hart of Dixie...these are those ten!

10. Pilot (1.1)

9. The Big Day (1.22)

8. Blue Christmas (2.10)

7. The Gambler (2.15)

6. Who Says You Can't Go Home (3.1)

5. Together Again (3.20)

4. Second Chance (3.22)

3. Kablang (4.1)

2. The Very Good Bagel (4.3)

1. Bluebell (4.10)

*** Note: My audio sounds off in this episode because my computer recorded with the wrong microphone! OOPS! ***

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by Christine Laskodi