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by LoosTalK

Loostalk - We're Back Baby!


Introducing #LoosTalk Three Significant Characters Bringing You The Craziest Content On A Weekly Basis!  Tune In As We Tackle Bamboozling Issues, Hilarious Challenges And Sticky Sticky Scenarios.  All Raw & Uncut ☠.  #LoosTalk Hosted By:  Kamzy Twitter: @Kamzy_yp Instagram: @Kamzy_yp Email: kamzylingo@icloud.com  Ian Tetteh Twitter: @MrTetts_yp Instagram: @MrTetts_yp Email: ian@tetteh.co.uk  Jay Twitter: @Objae__ Instagram: @Objae_ Email: Objae@outlook.com  If you have a dilemma you want us to discuss or a general question for the team? Email: loostalk19@gmail.com


Episode 38

by LoosTalK