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by Lore and Legend
Lore and Legend : Tales From Our Mythic Past

Hex the Moon · S2E11


On the Isle of Aeaea, the goddess Circe relates the tragic history of the sorceress Medea, and the misfortune she brought down on her head when she dared to cast a hex upon the moon... This episode of Lore & Legend comes to you thanks to the contributions of our Patreon subscribers: Storyfolk Christy Carson, Paul Jackson, Sian Powell and Shawnie Baskett; thanks to all of you your generosity and your enthusiasm for our stories. Please consider joining our Storyfolk in supporting the podcast by becoming a patron. For more details, visit our website and click ‘Support Us’, or go directly our patreon page at www.patreon.com/loreandlegend. Licensed/Approved Music 'Lampades (Nymphs of Hades' on Album: The Lyre of Hermes 'Seek Comfort in the Arms of Mother Nature' by Michael Levy on Album: New Ancestral Music MICHAEL LEVY: https://ancientlyre.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyre Twitter: @ancientlyre 'ΨYXOΠOMΠOΣ' by Seikilo on Album: τo Káλεσµa τnς Moύσaς ΎMNOΣ ΣTON ΆΛΩNI by Seikilo on Album: τo Káλεσµa τnς Moύσaς 'O XOPOΣ THΣ NAΛΛAKIΔAΣ' by Seikilo on Album: τo Káλεσµa τnς Moύσaς SEIKILO: https://seikilo.com/ LUTHERIOS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: https://luthieros.com/ Additional music and sound-effects sourced from the community at Freesound.org. Visit the episode blog post linked below for full Audio Credits. LINKS BLOG: https://www.loreandlegend.co.uk/hexthemoon YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/HHttaLnU0-E --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/loreandlegend/message


Episode 11

by Lore and Legend