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by Lore and Legend
Lore and Legend : Tales From Our Mythic Past

The Cannibal King's Daughter · Halloween Special · Part II


Content Warning: Horror, Body Horror, Sexual Violence, Rape, Disturbing Sounds & Scenes

 Join us for the second of our Halloween specials this week. Tonight's storyteller is Rick Scott.

 In the last episode of our Regular Series, The Dreams of Kings, you heard in short the story of King Aethon and his insatiable appetite. But did you know, that there is more to the story? Because King Aethon also had a daughter. And that daughter… was also Odysseus’ grandmother. You've heard the first part of this story before, but keep listening because there's more... this is the full story of King Aethon, the Cannibal King, and the fate of his Daughter, Princess Mestra of Thessaly… 

Licensed/Approved Music

'Hidden Oceans of Europa' by Michael Levy on Album: Ascension of the Lyre
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'Lost in the Dark Forest of Questioning' by Michael Levy on Album: New Ancestral Music
'The Enigma of Existence' by Michael Levy on Album: New Ancestral Music

MICHAEL LEVY: https://ancientlyre.com/
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