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Lore and Legend : Tales From Our Mythic Past

The Drowned King · S2E3


King  Ceyx set his ship upon the ocean despite his wife's warning. Every day,  Queen Alkyone climbed the steps of the temple and begged the gods to  send her husband home to her... 

This series of Lore & Legend is called  ‘The Gates of Dream’ — exploring tales of encounters between the heroes  and heroines of Greek Myth, and the Gods and Spirits of the Greek  Underworld - the Lands of Dream, Death, and Darkest Fate. 

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Licensed/Approved Music

'Glory of the Parthenon' by Michael Levy on Album: The Ancient Greek Modes 
'Martian Monolith of Phobos' by Michael Levy on Album: Ascension of the Lyre

MICHAEL LEVY: https://ancientlyre.com/   
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyre    
Twitter: @ancientlyre  

'ΨYXOΠOMΠOΣ' by Seikilo on Album: τo Káλεσµa τnς Moύσaς  
ΎMNOΣ ΣTON  ΆΛΩNI by Seikilo on Album: τo Káλεσµa τnς Moύσaς
'O XOPOΣ  THΣ NAΛΛAKIΔAΣ' by Seikilo on Album: τo Káλεσµa τnς Moύσaς
'OIΩNOΣKOΠOΣ' by  Seikilo on Album: τo Káλεσµa τnς Moύσaς
ABAKXEYTOΣ  by Seikilo on Album: τo Káλεσµa τnς Moύσaς

SEIKILO: https://seikilo.com/    
LUTHERIOS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: https://luthieros.com/     

Additional music and sound-effects sourced from the community at  Freesound.org. Visit the episode blog post linked below for full Audio Credits. 

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Episode 3

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