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by Lore and Legend
Lore and Legend : Tales From Our Mythic Past

The Healer's Dream · S2E4


In the City of Corinth, a traveller approaches the steps of a temple to an  unfamiliar god. What is the story of the divine physician Asclepius,  and his disciple Polyidus?

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Licensed/Approved Music

'Naiads (Water Nymphs)' by Michael Levy on Album: The Lyre of Hermes
'Dryads (Nymphs of the Forest)' by Michael Levy on Album: The Lyre of Hermes
'Ode to Achyls' by Michael Levy on Album: Kithara of the Golden Age
'Finite Understanding in an Infinite Universe' by Michael Levy on Album: New Ancestral Music

MICHAEL LEVY: https://ancientlyre.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyre
Twitter: @ancientlyre

'A Coin on the Cobblestone' by Caleb Henessey on Album: Mediterranean
CALEB HENESSEY: https://calebhennessy.bandcamp.com/music Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/calebhennessyscompositions

'ΨYXOΠOMΠOΣ' by Seikilo on Album: τo Káλεσµa τnς Moύσaς  
ΎMNOΣ ΣTON  ΆΛΩNI by Seikilo on Album: τo Káλεσµa τnς Moύσaς
'O XOPOΣ  THΣ NAΛΛAKIΔAΣ' by Seikilo on Album: τo Káλεσµa τnς Moύσaς

SEIKILO: https://seikilo.com/

Additional music and sound-effects sourced from the community at   Freesound.org. Visit the episode blog post linked below for full Audio  Credits.

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Episode 4

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