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by Lore and Legend
Lore and Legend : Tales From Our Mythic Past

The Lord of Dreams · Prologue IV


The  Lord of Dreams is the final of four 'mini-episodes' or prologues to  our second season of Lore & Legend, which focuses on  Greek  mythology. Season 2: The Gates of Dream explores the Gods and Spirits of the  Greek Underworld - the Lands of Dream, Death, and Darkest Fate.  

The  Gates of Dream features 4 mini-sodes and 9 full episodes with myths and   legends interpreted by storytellers Rick Scott and Sebastian Odell,   authentic music from lyre players Michael Levy and the Seikilo museum  of  ancient instruments, and soundtracks by composer Caleb Hennessy.  It’s  production has been supported by our patrons Paul Jackson, Christy   Carson and Sian Powell. 

Licensed Music 

Hidden Oceans of Europa by Michael Levy on Album: Ascension of the Lyre 

MICHAEL LEVY: https://ancientlyre.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beautifullyre Twitter: @ancientlyre

 Charon's River by Caleb Henessey on Album: Cernunnos 

CALEB HENESSEY: https://calebhennessy.bandcamp.com/music Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/calebhennessyscompositions 

Additional music and sound-effects sourced from the community at   Freesound.org. Visit the episode blog post linked below for full Audio   Credits. 

Join us on August 20 for the first full episode of The Gates of Dream - The Dream of Endymion. 


THE LORD OF DREAMS BLOG: www.loreandlegend.co.uk/lordofdreams 

YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/4s_xyoMbwUQ

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