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Losing 100 Pounds with Corinne

24 Hour Food Plan FAQs


A lot of us spend a ton of time on our thoughts but have a hard time taking action.

For example:

Did you make your 24-hour food plan today?
Did you follow the last plan you made?
Are you sure you will follow today's plan, no matter what?
Have you made a plan for 30 days in a row?

If you've taken my free course, you know that making a 24 Hour plan is one of the Four Basics of Weightloss...

But I bet you have a hard time being consistent with your plans and following through on them when you DO make them.

Believe me, that's NORMAL. And I don't want you beating yourself up over it or quitting because "it all feels too hard."

I want you to ask questions, study, and figure out how to improve your habits just a little bit this week.

That's why today I'm answering two common questions I get about planning your food:

How do I follow through with making and following a 24-hour plan?What if I want something different from what I planned?

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