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Losing 100 Pounds with Corinne

Can I Drink and Still Lose Weight?


Can you lose weight and still drink alcohol?

Does drinking slow down your weightloss?

These are two popular questions inside the No BS Weightloss Program (so much so we created a program and conduct special calls to help our members out).

Today in Podcast Episode 244, you'll get a few tips and tricks on how to enjoy drinking without stalling your weightloss.

You'll learn...

➡️ How I plan my wine and date nights.

➡️ The types of drinks I love (especially while In Las Vegas because you know that's my favorite vacation spot).

➡️ The difference between having a good time vs. unwinding and overdoing it (which doesn't help weightloss).

I cover a lot of good stuff in this episode. Even if you don't drink, you can use a lot of these tips for desserts, unwinding with food, and more.

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