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Losing 100 Pounds with Corinne

I Deserve This


I remember day after day wanting to lose weight so bad.

I'd wake up, swear I was going to be "good," and head off to face a day filled with putting out fires and rushing around dealing with way too much for one woman to handle.

I was the "go to" person to get shit done:

  1. Corinne will handle it.

  2. Corinne's good under pressure.

  3. Mommy is the only person I want right now.

Hell, if my cat could talk, I'm sure she would say that I'm the only one who can clean the cat box EXACTLY as she needs it to do her business.

Then, night after night, I'd find myself unwinding with a few glasses of wine or a big ass bowl of cereal (and I mean BIG).

All the while thinking, "I deserve this."

What a fucking messed-up message that is. Do you know what I deserved?

✓ Telling myself what a baller I was at the end of the day instead of thinking I didn't get enough done.

✓ An honest conversation with people in my life about what I needed help with (instead of choosing not to look weak or put people out).

✓ I also deserved to lose the weight I wanted to and end the day proud instead of constantly swearing that tomorrow would be better.

Too many women are struggling with this. So I decided to dedicate a podcast to the "I deserve to eat this" mentality.

I'll tell you…

  1. Why we reward ourselves with food.

  2. How to break the habit of eating when you need comfort and relaxation.

  3. Where the BS idea that women have to do ALL THE THINGS to be good enough came from.

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