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by Kelesitse
Love Blooms

Love Blooms with Blaque Nubon 🌻


It’s soooooo good to be back!! I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with South African Hip Hop artist Blaque Nubon and asked him to share how he came to be saved and what his journey & relationship with God has, and continues to grow him spiritually. We take a look into how brokenness & unresolved anger brought him closer to his purpose and how he is using his gifting to share the Gospel. Check out Blaque’s post “Hip Hop needs the Gospel as much as I do”. What did we unpack? Music Creativity & God Grace Salvation The importance of community Fun fact: Did you know Blaque Nubon was once comedian??! God came for THAT too. Thank you for tuning in! 🌻


Episode 1

by Kelesitse