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by Aida Rojas
Love Dream Live Podcast

Let Your Dreams and Your Fears Dance as One


In this episode I talk about how to embrace the duality of our fears and dreams to find peace in yourself. Learn how to stop living in despair, stop running towards your dreams and away from your fears. Stand still and allow them to become one. After all they are both your creations. They were both born from you, neither will be able to save your or destroy you, only you can do that. Make it a point to stop running, start listening, and allow both of them to become one and let them dance in unison. Let everything flow through you, don’t focus on the positive or the negative. Just be with yourself, because you are your best dream and your worst fear, all wrapped into one. Learn to live with your own duality and don’t let either side get too much from you. Embrace yourself, and welcome one of the greatest paradoxes of life.



by Aida Rojas