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by Jolanthe Kollek
Love Yourself & Live Your Life

Deal with Criticism & Understand Your Reactions


How often do you feel criticized by other people? And how do you react?
Are you able to you stay calm and think: That persons opinion is interesting...
Or do you react with counter-attack and counter-criticism?

In this week's Podcast I am speaking about how to deal with criticism and how to turn in into positive for you and not against you.

In this Podcast you'll find out:

🌿 that criticism doesn't say anything about you

🌿 what someone says shows you how the person thinks, theirs fears, doubts, believes

🌿 why criticism can be very beneficial for your own healing 

🌿 that when criticism hurts you it's due to your own believes


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Episode 35

by Jolanthe Kollek