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by Jolanthe Kollek
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In your Pain you'll find your greatest Gift - Interview with Chloe Bircher


In this week's Podcast episode I have the pleasure to speak to the wonderful Chloe Bircher from CB Fitness and Pilates. Chloe is sharing her experiences from her childhood when she was bullied at school as this led to an eating disorder. She is sharing her thoughts what she thinks is the way to deal with children in order to avoid this happening to other children.
Despite having an autoimmune illness and being told by doctors that she will never be able to follow her passion in sport, she didn't give up, listened to her heart and is a successful Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer.

In this Podcast you'll find out:

🌿 why it's so important to teach children understand that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes

🌿 what a huge impact just one negative comment can have on others and  on their whole life

🌿 how parents can support their child before he/she develops an eating disorder

🌿 that by true listening to others (especially our children) and good communication we can spot issues and deal with them before they develop to a big problem

🌿 how our most challenging experience can lead to appreciation and to understanding

🌿 that you can achieve anything you want even if others tell you that's impossible

🌿 why it's important to take time for your wellbeing and re-charge your batteries before they run out

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Episode 33

by Jolanthe Kollek