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by Jolanthe Kollek
Love Yourself & Live Your Life

Whatever Challenges You may come across in Life, always follow Your Heart - Interview with Deborah Robinson


Today I have a wonderful guest in my Podcast, Deborah Robinson @twodaysjourney.life

Deborah and her partner are currently living a fulfilling life in Portugal. It was never their plan to move to Portugal , they were going to travel and sail but their life's journey led them to this
beautiful destination.
Deborah is sharing with us today what led to her current lifestyle and how she followed her heart and quit her job despite feeling anxious and uncertain and being advised by everyone not to do that.

Deborah and Chris are a couple, both over 50, with a plan for living and going on adventures. They want to live the second half of their lives with purpose. A few years years ago, they had a plan to go travelling and as the desire for adventure grew, they explored the possibility of travel by sail. Chris suffered an unexpected heart attack and it seemed their travel dreams by sea were over...

In this Podcast you'll find out:

🌿 that sometimes we have plans in our lives but life has better plans for us

🌿 that it' only up to you to make the decision if you want to live your dream life

🌿 what happens when you listen to your heart and not to your fears or other peoples advice

🌿 why you shouldn't give up if your dream doesn't work out as you planned it

🌿 that there is always another option if plan A doesn't work out.

🌿 whatever challenge you experience it will lead to the right path of your life

Links to Deborah's pages:

Instagram: twodaysjourney.life
Facebook: @twodaysjourney.life


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Episode 31

by Jolanthe Kollek