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by Roger Applewhite
LOW CEILING SOUNDS by roger applewhite

Episode 7: Welcome To The Red Room Baby!


Well what can I say- it's been waaaaaayyyyy too long since my last podcast and I'm very sorry for that. However, I must admit that I've probably produced at least six podcasts, but only to trash them because they just didn't do it for me. Yes, believe it or not- I'd rather keep you waiting than feel the need to post just anything. Anyway, I'm dedicating this podcast to my good friend and personal Ibiza host, Mr. Raymond Bloom. Raymond just happens to be South Africa's biggest electronica promoter and he showed me one hell of a time on the While Isle this last summer. I mean, what could top hanging out in the DJ booth at Pacha during the height of the season in Ibiza? Nada, you are correct! Just close your eyes and imagine yourself dancing your butt off with 3,000 people at 3 a.m. on the terrace at Amnesia! There ya go; enjoy the mix my friends; stay thirsty :-)



by Roger Applewhite