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by Liisa & Veiko Kruust├╝k
LV Empire

Welcome to LV Empire Podcasts ­čĹő


My name is Liisa Kruust├╝k and my name is Veiko Kruust├╝k. We are Network Marketing Professionals who have experience of 10+ years. Liisa has built up a 2000+ team in 15 countries and Veiko has built up a 5000+ team in Europe. In these episodes, you hear about our learning and practice of how we move from old school NM building mode to the New Social Marketing model that we found in 2020. We already experienced the first month with the new system results what we both have never been before in 10 years, where random people write to us and want to order products what we have. How cool is that? Instead, we contacting people, people took contact with us and want to give money to get these products. If you like to get more updates from our Podcasts, just subscribe and we share with you about 1 new episode every week. Best regards, Liisa & Veiko Kruust├╝k



by Liisa & Veiko Kruust├╝k