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Making Money

First step to build wealth - what's your relationship with money? | Claer Barrett, Consumer Editor of the FT

Making Money
Making Money
*The first step to building wealth is figuring out your relationship with money.*
That’s why we’re speaking to Claer Barrett, the Consumer Editor of the Financial Times and author of the book What They Don’t Teach You About Money.
Claer isn’t good at maths and had periods when she wasn’t good with money but she’s managed to turn that around. At the heart of that change has been her growing understanding of her money personality. This is where you should begin too.

*What's your financial health?*
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*We’ve added the money personalities from Claer’s book below. You need to be honest with yourself - which ones describe you?*
-Spendy Wendy: could be you if you know the three numbers on the back of your bank card off by heart as you do so much online shopping
-YOLO (you only live once): could be you if you have ever uttered the words ‘To the moon’ without irony
- Goblin: could be you if you get more of a kick from saving money than spending it
-Spreadsheet Slave: could be you if you have ever dreamed in Excel
-Jitterbug: could be you if you have a constant state of underlying anxiety about money
-Ostrich (stick your head in the sand): could be you if you say a silent prayer every time you tap your card to pay

*Here are some decent budgeting tools (Damo is actually making one but it’s not ready yet) but there are loads out there which may suit you better:*
-Good old fashioned spreadsheet, Excel or Google Docs
-Budget planner, a free government tool: https://www.moneyhelper.org.uk/en/everyday-money/budgeting/budget-planner
-You Need A Budget (YNAB), a paid for tool with all the bells and whistles: https://www.ynab.com/

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This is not financial advice. The reason it’s not financial advice is because it’s not tailored to you. We explain the principles of building wealth but if you want personalised advice, it’s worth speaking to a financial advisor. As with everything financial, please do your own research. We really encourage that because no one cares more about your money than you and if you learn the basics then it will change your life.
Making Money
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