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by Gwendolyn Juleus
Manage Money Build Wealth Podcast

050: It's the Little Things That Can Lead You To Financial Freedom


On today’s episode I discuss how if we just start to make little moves in the right direction with our personal finances, it will yield you big results. I give two very real examples from my own life and encourage anyone who is looking to have a better financial future to start with "the little things".

You do not have to go to the extreme or overwhelm yourself, just start with the little things. When a person wants to change their eating habits to a healthier one, they start with little changes in that direction. Like eating their calories instead of drinking them. And those little things end up yielding big results.

I want to encourage you to start with the little things. And I am willing and able to help you. So if you need help to lay a solid, sustainable financial foundation, I am still offering a free 20 minute consultation.

Here is the link for the 20-minute free consult and here is the link to learn about or join my program while it is still in its beta phase: "Position Yourself For Wealth"!⁠


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by Gwendolyn Juleus