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James Breakwell on How to be a Man (Whatever That Means)


James Breakwell is a comedy writer and self-described amateur father. Coming June 8, he will be releasing, or perhaps unleashing, his new book: How to Be a Man (Whatever That Means): Lessons in Modern Masculinity from a Questionable Source.

In this podcast, we chat with James about his new book, his family, his comedy career, and how pigs and tweets can be used as currency.

You can find James on Twitter and Instagram.

Show Notes

1:05 - Who is James Breakwell
2:47 - You have written a book called "How to Be a Man" in 2021... Why?
7:30 - Breaking down stereotypes...
10:45 - When is the book coming out?
12:25 - What was it like to write a more personal story?
19:00 - What is it like having two pigs?
32:30 - How has social media shaped your comedy?
44:00 - What are you passionate about aside from writing, comedy, and family?
47:00 - Where can people connect with you?

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