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by marvelchampionsmonthly
Marvel Champions Monthly: A Fan Podcast

Card Game Chit-Chat: Overpower, X-Men TCG, VS System 2PCG


Join KennedyHawk and Crimson as we discuss some of the other card games we play and how they relate to Marvel Champions. Playing these other games really shapes how we view Marvel and the different playstyles we talk about. Each episode we will each touch on one card game we play and what MC players may think about it. In future episode's well be trying out a card game at the request of listeners so make sure to send us a request at marvelchampionsmonthly@gmail.com

This is a pre-holidays episode that got scheduled for 2021. Oops!

In this episode we discuss:

Overpower the Card Game

X-Men Trading Card Game

VS System 2PCG with Special Segment from mrben of The Build Phase


Build Phase: https://www.patreon.com/TheBuildPhase

Team Covenant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1uhpDFGFDg


Episode 2

by marvelchampionsmonthly