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by Mayim Bialik
Mayim Bialik's Breakdown

Rainn Wilson: Embrace Your Eccentricities & A Petri Dish of Creativity


Rainn Wilson (The Office, Six Feet Under, Metaphysical Milkshake with Rainn & Reza, SoulPancake) joins Mayim and Jonathan in the studio as their first ever in-person guest to discuss his nerdy childhood, growing up with social misfit parents, and the evolution that therapy has provided to every area of his life. He explains how feeling unloved and alienated as a child in a petri dish of dysfunction led to anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and addiction issues. Rainn admits to learning early on in his acting career to embrace playing the role of an alienated misfit, and opens up about his meditation process and the tools his faith gave him in finding his own path and identity. Mayim and Rainn bond over being band geeks and chess club members and the expectations, insecurities, and limitations that come with being sitcom character actors. They examine the similarities between a recovery journey and spiritual journey, the benefits of going to AA even if you’re not an alcoholic, and reasons some individuals might be resistant to therapy.


Episode 43

by Mayim Bialik