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by Mamamia Podcasts
Me After You

Self Care: You Remember That, Right?


What does self-care look like, now you’re a parent? Who has time for meditation, massage and naps when they can't even get a solid six hours sleep at night?

On this episode, you’ll be hearing from mums describing what self-care means to them, including:
-  Ashe Davenport on how other people's expectations made it difficult for her to feel like she was allowed to prioritise herself once she became a mum
- Stephanie Thompson and how her writing time is her ‘wine down’ time
-  Actress Teresa Palmer who finds solace in listening to true crime podcasts.

Me After You was made in partnership with Huggies: Be Comfortable In Your Skin.

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Host: Laura Byrne @ladyandacat

Executive Producer: Elise Cooper @elisejcooper

Producer and Editor: Lama Zakharia 

Head of Audio: Bridget Northeast

Thanks to all the mums who featured in this episode, for sharing their stories to make all mums feel like they’re not alone
Grace Bell
Veronica Milsom- @veronicamilsom
Ashe Davenport- Author of "Sad Mum Lady" https://www.booktopia.com.au/sad-mum-lady-ashe-davenport/book/9781760877637.html
Brittany Noonan- @bybrittanynoonan
Truan Terrance
Stephanie Thompson- @bravemumma and a link to her book, The Day My Vagina Broke... https://www.amazon.com.au/Day-My-Vagina-Broke-childbirth-ebook/dp/B0813YLG4X 
Teresa Palmer- @teresapalmer

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Episode 7

Season 1

by Mamamia Podcasts