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Meet at the Apple

David Stearns Gives His Vision of the 2024 Mets Season | Episode 8

Meet at the Apple
Meet at the Apple
David Stearns sits down with Vito and Jon ahead of the 2024 season to talk about his feelings on the roster he’s helped build this off-season, the pure excitement in getting to run the team he grew up loving, his relationship with former GM Omar Minaya, Milwaukee vs NYC life and way more!
00:00 – Coming Up
00:58 – President of Baseball Operations for your Mets?
01:24 – David Stearns on importance of the Mets
1:50 – David on falling in love with the Mets
02:40 – David’s favorite place to sit at Shea Stadium
03:50 – David’s favorite Met was Mike Piazza
05:00 – David gives “State of the Union” on Mets
06:05 – David Stearns on making shrewd free agent signings
07:05 – David’s relationship with Omar Minaya
08:52 – What other teams did David Stearns root for?
09:50 – Getting Stearn
10:00 – David enjoys cheese
10:30 – A mascot race with four pizza slices
10:50 – Moving on from batting average?
11:45 – 2006 Mets chat
12:10 – Did David ever call WFAN?
13:10 – David’s doppleganger
13:50 – Favorite Bob Uecker-ism
14:45 – Favorite pizzeria in New York?

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Meet at the Apple
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