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by Dr. Nafisa Sekandari
Mental HEALTH Break With Dr. Nafisa Sekandari

Using Herbs For Mental Health And Healing


Emily Boese (BNatMed, RHT) is a qualified Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist with over a decade of experience, and currently lives in her hometown of Regina in Canada.

Emily addresses the complex nature of herbs and how by design they can be used to help heal us at the gut level.

In this episode Emily teaches us what herbs we can use and how improving our understanding of herbs can empower us to reach for herbs for mild health issues.

Many of us use herbs without really considering them herbs. When you use chamomile tea, you used an herb. When you use spices such as turmeric, basil, and coriander, you’ve used herbs.

In this episode Emily teaches us the role herbs can play in our daily lives and how we can intentionally use them safely to improve our lives.

Although herbs are generally safe, please talk to a trained medical professional before starting any herbs or supplements.

Emily also teaches us how to safely incorporate adaptogens for better mental health and shares her favorite adaptogens.

Tune in to learn more about incorporating a variety of herbs in your diet for better mental and physical health.

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Episode 37

Season 1

by Dr. Nafisa Sekandari