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METAL UP YOUR PODCAST - All Things Metallica

Episode 373 - Music and We, pt. I

Clint chats with Jamilah from the Music and We podcast about life, art, music and Metallica. Topics in this episode:

- reflections on becoming a father and fatherhood
- how being a parent has changed me
- balancing touring life with family
- metaphor and knowing we are going to die

Wherever You Go That's Where I'll Be - Clint Wells

- favorite writers
- finding a voice as a writer
- Raymond Carver and Charles Bukowski
- reading less
- balancing technology with life
- my fantasy about working at Home Depot

Modern Bummer - Clint Wells

- finding love
- what makes us special
- my grandfather the guitar collector
- Hank Williams
- when I knew I wanted to make music
- being in a Birmingham cover band at 16

No One At the spry (But You and Me) - Clint Wells

- calling yourself an artist
- bullshit artists
- does making music affect listening to music
- Pete Yorn
- being drawn to Metallica
- assignment writing
- creativity vs. just playing the parts
- writing for soundtracks

Wish You Were Here - Clint Wells

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