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We’re back!... for real, this time. Missed us? We hope you do! On today’s episode, we have our lovely guest, Jane, also known as DJ Snacks! She’s here to talk to us about the evolution of smart phones, and we get a bit nostalgic and think back of what use to be, cellphone wise, compared to now. Hope you guys enjoy the episode, and thank you always for tuning in! And thank you to our listeners for your long awaited patience - it is much appreciated. If you have any topics you’d like to hear or any feedback, e-mail us at hashtag.millennial.af@gmail.com or DM us on Insta, @mill.af!

Also, don’t forget to follow our guest at @snacksatparties! There you’ll find where she’ll be DJ-ing next in the DFW area. 


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by Rebelliousociety Podcast Group