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by Mashood Qureshi & Toomas Kazakov
Million Dollar Podcast

#2 - Decoding, AI Diaries, and Dashcams for Cats with Idris


This week on Million Dollar Podcast we chat with Idris, and he teaches us about Stuart Hall’s encoding/decoding theory in language. We also take a deep dive into the need for accurate journalling, and invent a new AI-driven Diary App. Ever wanted to see what your cat’s up to, in real time? Well you’ll want to listen out for Dashcam for cats!

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Idris Bio [0:35]

Encoding and Decoding Theory [2:30]

Background to the Qur’anic tradition [5:25]

The Story of Sodom and Gamorrah [8:25]

Modern Islam [9:30]

Access to Information [10:18]

Literature Analysis App [12:40]

The AI Diary [13:00]

Queer Mental Health [16:40]

Muslim Health [18:30]

The Need for Communication [19:50]

Facebook and Cameras [23:30]

Dashcam for Cats [25:26]

Cat Court [27:30]

5WordFrenzy [31:35]

Icelandic Incest Prevention [32:22]

Closing Remarks [38:42]

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Hosted By:
Mashood Qureshi & Toomas Kazakov

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Episode 2

Season 1

by Mashood Qureshi & Toomas Kazakov