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by Mashood Qureshi & Toomas Kazakov
Million Dollar Podcast

#4 - Pt 2 - Entrepreneurship In The Age of Acceleration With Vivienne Le


In this episode, Vivienne discusses the potential drawbacks of monetising university lecture streaming, Toomas shares a way to track favours between friends, and we put out the call for any and all earworm-removal technology.

This is Part 2 of a 2-part episode. Check out Episode #3 - Entrepreneurship In The Age of Acceleration with Vivienne Le


Tourism and Education - 01:28

Streaming University Lectures - 01:55

Gym Memberships - 04:00

Tracking Favours with Solyd - 08:40

Getting Out of the Friend Zone - 13:55

Corporate Social Conscience - 17:30

University Courses on Ethics - 18:55

Mash’s Apology - 19:37

The Ear Worm Removalist - 20:15

5WordFrenzy - 22:20

Medical Record Transparency - 24:00

The Beast With Many Mouths - 27:40

Vivienne’s Parting Thoughts - 29:00

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Hosted By:
Mashood Qureshi & Toomas Kazakov

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Episode 4

Season 1

by Mashood Qureshi & Toomas Kazakov