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by Mashood Qureshi & Toomas Kazakov
Million Dollar Podcast

#5 - Disrupting Driving, Data, and Distribution with Aydin


This week on Million Dollar Podcast we chat with Aydin Akyayli, a finance and marketing strategist for L’Oreal. His insight into how to revolutionise the telco industry is a must-listen. WARNING: This episode WILL make you try something new!


Grad Programs - 01:56

Supportive Partners - 05:00

Rejection Challenge Update - 06:35

The Environment - 09:00

Waste Management - 11:00

Social Recycling - 13:40

Disrupting Driving Schools - 17:45

Deluxe Versions - 23:20

[Break] 27:18

Trading Mobile Data - 27:35

Solving CBD Parking - 33:47

Parking Heiroglyphics - 42:45

5WordFrenzy - 43:30

[Solution] - 46:20

Closing Remarks - 48:40

[CHALLENGE] #MillionDollarMenu - 49:28

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Hosted By:
Mashood Qureshi & Toomas Kazakov

Producer, and proprietor of Waterfallstories.com

Producer, and proprietor of Waterfallstories.com
Harley Graham
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Episode 5

Season 1

by Mashood Qureshi & Toomas Kazakov