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Mission Berlin 18 – Case History


Anna discovers that the woman in red is the head ... die Chefin ... of RATAVA. There are only 45 minutes left to save Germany and all Anna has as a clue is a hidden case. Can she retrieve it and complete her mission? Heidrun Drei, Paul, and Anna head towards Bernauer Straße but on the way they meet Heidrun Drei's husband, Robert. He tells them there are soldiers everywhere. Worse still, the motorbikers are out again. They all hide in the courtyard of an old brasserie. As the woman in red appears, Paul tells Anna that she is the head ... die Chefin ... of RATAVA. The player tells Anna to follow "die Chefin" and with Paul they go into a cellar where they see the woman in red hide a case. They get it and hide it in a different place as they make their escape. The player says he'll think of a way to retrieve it. But with only 40 minutes left, will he have enough time?



by DW.COM | Deutsche Welle