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by Mike Kiser
Mistaken Identity

26 | Mistaken Identity | Overheard at Identiverse: Continued Conversations


David Lee and Mike Kiser continue their discussions in Boston at Identiverse 2018. They catch up with Madhu Mahadevan, Sr. Manager, Strategic Technical Alliances at Okta, and continue their dialogue with Richard Bird of Optiv. The discussion revolves around noteworthy sessions, with a particular emphasis on open banking and financial services—a facet of security unavoidable by any enterprise that uses currency (that would be all of them.) The impact of GDPR-like regulation on security practice (and its potential adoption by the United States), the potential of competition to dampen security efforts, and the potential for millennials to drive security adoption come up in the course of thirty minutes of lively banter from the expo floor. Also covered: Microsoft’s calls for regulating facial recognition technology, spearfishing as the not-so-surprising method for nation state attacks, and why your trip to the library might wind up at a bowling alley or another unintended destination. We wrap up with a brief discussion of the World Cup and David’s new-found love for fútbol.



by Mike Kiser