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by Anton Diaz
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Tiktok PH Resto Controversy: Is it a Prank or Is It a Crime?


JANUARY 2021 is Over? How are We? IS IT A PRANK OR IS IT A CRIME? Influencers and their Viral Aspirations 00:00 This is the end of January 2021 episode which is a recap of what happened in life in Manila during this pandemic. 19:30 Main Debate: Is it a Prank or Is it a Crime? Here's the background of the Tiktok Resto Prank Scandal: https://www.facebook.com/spanky.hizon.enriquez/posts/10158906637136113?__cft__[0]=AZWqugB5OOxoHMjXPNimCv2nLZFQSEiJ2ikzyMhauAtylIyYiS38mWYHpeNpSla-4nsetGuXSpL2_YMlHKpkjIiCwTnManhPPe_9j7fKzSe4kmISXUS4z1Hmgrt5xtd8k9vlMjRnMlu-KzF9lz6rhhBErUnDE1m4hIaa3Vza08IJzA&__tn__=-UK-R (https://www.facebook.com/spanky.hizon.enriquez/posts/10158906637136113) Support this podcast


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by Anton Diaz