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by Anton Diaz
MNL POD: The Manila Podcast with Anton & Spanky

What will be the New Normal for our Favorite Restaurants?


How will things change once the ECQ is lifted? We're certain we will all still love good food... but How? Anton and Spanky talk about the spike in Food Deliveries, then dream about their priority food trips once we all can go out again! Episode Outline: 0:00 : Kamustahan: Manila ECQ Update 7:30 : Easter Monday Madness~ why did so many people break quarantine? 14:30 : How will restaurants adjust their operations post ECQ? 16:30 : Who's Delivering Now? and Stay Home, don't Pick-up!!! 29:00 : The restaurants we can't wait to go to after the quarantine 40:30 : Top Chefs doing Online Cooking 42:30 : A Farewell to CLOY #WeEatAtHome #WeHealAsOne Support this podcast


Episode 4

Season 1

by Anton Diaz