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by Anton Diaz
MNL POD: The Manila Podcast with Anton & Spanky

When Can We Dine-In Again? (and the Spaghetti Scandal)


EPISODE #8: LOOKING FORWARD TO MOVING FORWARD Anton, Rache, and Spanky discuss the efforts of the Restaurant Industry to overcome the severe challenges of a summer in quarantine; the surprising surge of home-based food businesses; and the controversy that’s shaken the reputation of the so-called “influencers”: The Spaghetti Scandal Episode Outline: 00:00 Introduction 2:30 : The Spaghetti Scandal An Influencer Controversy in the Time of CoVid 9:00 : The Magnitude of the Challenges facing the restaurants, and how diners can help them bounce back 15:30 : Recovery Restaurant Marketing in the GCQ Go Beyond The Numbers: Build Confidence in F&B Protocols 24:30 : When Can We Dine-In Again? The Real Situation in Metro Manila Malls 34:00 Interview with that Influencer What We Advised the “Man of the Hour” 41:00 Positivity in the GCQ  The Rise of the Home-Based Food Businesses P.S. Watch this follow-up Manila Podcast LIVE: https://youtu.be/u8AQJ2w3Ft0 Support this podcast


Episode 8

Season 1

by Anton Diaz