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by Dr. Allie Sharma & Bridget Malcolm
Model Mentality

Model Mentality x Fountain House: Bipolar Disorder, Stigma, Communities of Color & Janell's Story


Model Mentality x Fountain House: Today’s episode was created in collaboration with Fountain House. Fountain house is a national mental health nonprofit fighting to improve health, increase opportunity, and end social and economic isolation for people living with serious mental illness.

Listen to Dr. Allie in conversation with with Janell, a fountain house member, on how her mental health condition directly interfered with her freshman year of college, how she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, the role of stigma in communities of color, and reconciling the diagnosis of bipolar disorder within herself and within her family.

Also be sure to catch our the next episode with Season 1 guest Melodie Monrose speaking with Janell in our Let’s Get Real format about mental health, culture and stigma.

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Fountain House: https://fountainhouse.org/

Collage Re-entry Program: https://collegereentry.org/

Bipolar Disorder Resources from the NIMH: https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/topics/bipolar-disorder/


Episode 17

by Dr. Allie Sharma & Bridget Malcolm